“Put not your trust in money, but put your money in trust.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

Trust law is unavoidably complicated. However, Our lawyers’ experience in trusts can clarify and simplify them for you.

A Discretionary Trust is typically a business structure or an investment vehicle.

We advise on all aspects of Trust Law regarding Discretionary Trusts.

If necessary we can prepare a Deed of Variation to amend the terms of the Trust.

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Unit Trusts are usually an investment vehicle (such as a property investment trust). They are also used as a business structure.

We provide advice on all aspects of Trust Law regarding Unit Trusts.

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A Trust in your Will is called a Testamentary Trust.

A detailed Trust in your Will can protect your assets for future generations. It can also minimise tax payable by your beneficiaries.

Our lawyers can discuss their advantages and disadvantages. We prepare Testamentary Trusts as part of comprehensive Estate Planning.

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We can advise on and prepare a Deed of Variation to amend the terms of a Trust.

This can be for various reasons, including taxation and asset protection.

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Sometimes it is necessary to formally document the ending of a trust.

We can prepare the necessary documents to show the ‘vesting’ of a Trust and trust assets.

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